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No One

by Arvin
(Tacoma, WA)

How high can YOU jump?

How high can YOU jump?

There will never be another Michael Jordan. Eventually though, he could be surpassed by Lebron James as the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time. MJ was a WINNER a LEADER and a SCORING MACHINE. The mental toughness, physical superiority, and the will to win that MJ displayed will be hard-pressed to replicate. LB has to win a title (or six) to catch up.

The skill set that LB23 brings to the NBA hasn't been seen since Oscar Robertson. LB23, physically, is from another planet! He can out-jump, out-muscle and out-quick MJ ... or anyone else for that matter. Similarly, MJ and LB were stuck on mediocre teams with mediocre players early in their careers. If LB can find his "Scotty Pippen" to take some of the pressure off, he will win ... and win big. Until then, he will be the most skilled player and the most physically imposing player in the NBA, but not the next Michael Jordan.

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