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Discover Free Basketball Drills and Basketball Tips to help you learn how to play basketball.

Dear fellow basketball player:

The free basketball drills and basketball tips on this website will help you learn how to play basketball and help you improve your overall basketball skills so that you can be dominant on the basketball court like Lebron James. Check out the basketball videos below...


For a limited time only, download A FREE Copy Of Our Basketball E-Book ($19.97 value)!

This e-book contains over 40 pages of basketball tips to help you master the fundamentals of basketball.

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Michael Jordan's Secret Routine Before Every Basketball Game...You Will Be Stunned, Guaranteed!!! (Watch video below...)

Have you ever wondered what the best basketball players in the world do to get mentally ready just before tip off? Well, you'll be surprised...

In the following basketball video, Michael Jordan (the greatest player to ever play the game) confesses and reveals his shocking secret, for the first time since his retirement from the NBA, how he mentally prepared right before every basketball game.

Were you just as surprised as I was when you found out what Michael Jordan does to get ready for every basketball game from watching the basketball video above? Amazing!


How to gain inches on your vertical so that you can jump from the free throw line like Michael Jordan.(Watch video below).

The basketball workout in the video above is one of many free basketball drills that you will find on this website to help you develope your explosiveness or quickness on the basketball court by training hamstring, which is part of your leg muscles. Most of the power and explosiveness that you need to jump higher comes from your leg muscles.

Therefore, if you regularly and consistenly train to improve the flexibility and strength in your hamstrings, you will surely be able to jump higher over time.

More intense basketball workouts to help you improve your vertical.

Would you like to improve your basketball shooting skills? No problem...

All great basketball players are also great scorers. Can you think of any legendary basketball player that led his basketball team to winning a championship that couldn't shoot the basketball well? I didn't think so either.

Jump Manual

Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Isiah Thomas, Hakeem Olajuwon, just to name a few, were all great scorers. The next natural or logical question, if you want to become a great basketball player and some day lead your team to winning a championship is, "how can I improve my basketball shooting skills?"

The answer to the preceding question is very simple: Practice, Practice, and Practice some more. You don't have a chance or prayer of becoming like Michael Jordan, for example, if you're not willing to work hard on improving your skills as a basketball player.

Michael Jordan was known to practice for hours after basketball practise was over and his other teammates had gone home so that he could work on his game--that's what you call dedication! In other words, Michael Jordan and the likes of him didn't become the best by accident. By the way, Michael Jordan's exemplary work ethic is one of the primary reasons why he's included in many of the free basketball drills on this website.

So, if you want to "be like Mike" then you need to put in the time practicing basketball drills that will help you eliminate any "weakness" in your basketball skills. Basically, to become the best at anything, you have to think and act like the best.

You can find TONS of free basketball drills and basketball shooting tips here. You can also find additional basketball shooting drills here.

Are You "Fit" To Play Basketball?

Are you concerned that you're not in-shape for basketball season? If you're interested in getting in-shape for basketball season, I've created a basketball workouts page that has on it TONS of basketball conditioning drills to get you fit for basketball season.

Who do you think will be the next Michael Jordan?

Are you a fan of Michael Jordan? Great, me too! Check out the "Tribute Page" that I created in honor of the greatest basketball player of all time, Michael "Air" Jordan. I don't know about you, but I really wish he was still playing in the NBA. Do you think there will ever be another Michael Jordan?

Click here to tell us who you think is or will be the next Michael Jordan.

Have You Mastered All The Fundamentals Of Basketball?

In order to become a well-rounded basketball player, you must first have a desire to learn how to play basketball and then you must be agile and coordinated; you must be able to dribble a basketball; you must be able to catch and pass a basketball; you must be able to shoot a basketball; and, most importantly, you must have the hunger to understand the game and appreciate the history of basketball. You can master the preceding fundamentals of basketball by making use of all the free basketball drills and basketball tips that you will find here.

Don't forget to check out the practice drills pages also.

I hope that you find the free basketball drills and basketball tips on this website useful.

If you're curious or interested, you can read the inspiring story of my journey to create this basketball website here.

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B-ball Fan Sincerely, B-ball Fan!

Basketball Drills and Tips to help you become the best basketball player you can be!
Would you like to improve your basketball skills? If so, you're about to discover basketball drills-and-tips that will definitely help you elevate your basketball game to the next level.

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Is Lebron-James the new "Savior" of the NBA?

Everything you want to know about Michael-Jordan.

Basketball Drills
Basketball drills...Find TONS of basketball drills to help improve your basketball skills...

How To Play Basketball
How to play basketball...Learn how to play basketball offense and defense and more...

Basketball Practice Drills
basketball practice drills...Find tons of basketball practice drills to help you improve your basketball skills.

Basketball Shooting Drills
Basketball Shooting Drills...Find tons of basketball shooting drills to help you improve your basketball shooting skills

Basketball Workouts and Basketball Conditioning
Basketball Workouts...Discover basketball workouts to help you get in shape for basketball season...

Basketball Tips
Basketball-Tips...Basketball Tips to help you learn how to play basketball

Basketball Plays
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My Story
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Basketball Shooting Tips
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Basketball dribbling drills to help you improve your basketball dribbling skills.

Basketball-basic-rules...Basketball basic rules that you need to know.

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Learn the fundamentals of basketball-rebounding...

Step-by-step guide to catching-a-basketball...

Basketball Tips...How to perform a jump-ball the right way...

What every player or coach should know about the fundamentals of a basketball-offense.

Basketball Defense
Basketball Tips...A step-by-step guide to playing basketball defense t he right way...

Basketball Positions
Basketball Tips...Learn the basketball positions that make up a basketball team...

Learn some basic basketball-terms to help you understand the game...

Discover the history-of-basketball

Discover what every athlete should know about maintaining a proper diet in order to achieve optimal performance.

fat burning workouts

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