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Extreme off-season Basketball-Workouts for the serious basketball player.

FREE Basketball E-Book Basketball Champions are made during the off-season, not during basketball season. Would you like to become a great basketball player? To become the best, you have to think, act, and train like the best. And, the best basketball players get their body in peak-performance shape during the off-season. The following video gives you an idea of how elite NBA basketball players train during the off-season to get their bodies ready for "war" when the season starts. Take some notes...Really!

More on off-season basketball-workouts...

A complete off-season basketball workout should, at minimum, include mastering basketball fundamentals (shooting, dribbling, passing, and so on), resistance training, flexibility training, cardiovascular training, agility training, and eating the proper food with the right nutrients for optimal performance.

The following video shows how NBA players include the different types of training into their off-season basketball workouts...

Why off-season basketball workouts is so important...

The next time you think about slacking off during the off season, just remember this: There's some other basketball player out there training hard every day to become the best basketball player ever. Ask yourself, if you two ever meet on the basketball court, will you be ready? What are you waiting for...Get off your butt, and start training! Need more motivation? Watch this video...

Where to find basketball-workout routines.

When you're training during the off season to get ready for the next basketball season, as a basketball player, it's important to make sure that you're using-and-doing the right routines designed specifically for your sport. For example, if you play the point guard position for your basketball team, you cannot use the workout routine(s) of a football running back. This concept is known as specificity training.

Where can you find reliable basketball specific workout routines? You have several options:

Free resource(s)

Often, it's rare to find the best quality information in free resources. However, if you're just starting out as a basketball player and you have no money, a great way to find free basketball workout routines is by visiting your local library; you can check out books and other educational tools for free.

Just keep in mind that, using materials gotten from the libary means that you would most likely have to spend more time alone self studying and trying to figure out everything by yourself, if you don't have someone who's more experienced and knowledgeable about basketball workout routines to guide you by explaining-and-demonstrating the different basketball workout routines suggested in the book(s)that you borrowed from the library. With that said, find books from the library that also include pictures showing the different basketball workout rountines.

Depending on your ability to quickly understand new concepts, you might find yourself constantly renewing the book(s) that you borrowed from the library since you cannot keep them with you indefinitely; this can become time consuming, discouraging, and eventually frustrating, especially if you cannot renew your book(s) from your home (either online or over the telephone) and you don't live close to your local library. By the way, you can also find free basketball workout routines by searching the Internet.


Basketball workout routines can also be found in commercial sports and or fitness magazines. And, since you would be buying these magazines, you can keep them forever. However, like the books you check out from the library, the basketball workout routines that you might find in magazines, even though they ofen include pictures, require you to figure it all out on your own. Again, if you're just getting started and your budget is very tight, this is a good starting point.

These days, instead of simply buying indivual copies of these magazines, you can sometimes purchase an annual subscription so that you never miss the latest edition of your favorite magazine. If you would like to save BIG money on your magazine subscritions, visit reputable online discount magazine stores where you can find most, if not all, the different types of magazines sold at a deep discount.

Final thoughts on off-season basketball workouts...

Off season basketball training helps you avoid injuries when the season starts. This is because, your body would have been prepared to sustain the daily grind and wear-and-tear of playing intense, physical basketball everyday. Therefore, your off-season basketball workouts should also be functional. This means that you should try to train for as many game-like situations as possible. Remember, if you train hard during the off season, it will pay off BIG TIME when the season starts.

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