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You can improve your shooting ability by consistently practicing proper technique regularly and often. The best shooters practise for hours daily shooting thousands of shots. Ray Allen, one of the best basketball shooters in NBA history, is no exception.

In the following video, Ray Allen explains some basic shooting fundamentals and some of the basketball shooting drills he uses to improve his shooting skills. (Note: press the actual play button instead of the one on the screen).

More basketball drills...

Drill: Feeding-Passes-Jump Shots.

This drill is better when done with a partner. Your partner could be a friend, brother, sister, teammate, dad or mom--it doesn't matter!

You simply need someone who's willing to feed you the ball after you make a shot...

As you practise your jump shots, your partner gets the rebound for you and feeds it back to you to get another shot right away.

You do this continously for hours with breaks in between as neccessary.

The longer you're able to perform this drill with proper technique and minimum breaks, your endurance will surely improve, and your technique will improve dramatically over time. Remember, don't just shoot...Focus on improving your technique.

Before each jump shot, visualize yourself in your mind's eye making using proper techinique (form) and making every shot. In the beginning it might seem like you can't make a shot to save your life...

Be persistent and determined...Overnight success takes time! Eventually, the Law of Averages will start working in your favor whereby you'll start making more shots than you miss thus improving your shooting percentage.

If you can't find a partner to help you, don't worry. Practise by yourself. Simply grab your own rebound after every shot. After each shot, instead of jogging to get the rebound, sprint to grab the rebound and then shoot again. Doing this would improve your overall stamina and agility.

Jump Shot-Wall-Drill.

Practise your jump shots while maintaining proper form by shooting a basketball against a wall. Grab your rebound after each shot, and repeat.

Jump as high as you can, and land on the same spot after each shot. Remember to flick the ball with your wrist when you release the basketball to shoot.

Jump Shot-Follow-Up-Pass Drill

The purpose of this drill is to get you in the habit of following up (fighting for the reboud) after every shot(including yours) during a game and passing the basketball to an open teammate, if you don't have a clear look at the offensive basket. This drill is done with a partner...

You shoot the basketball (with proper technique, of course), sprint to grab your rebound, and then immediately pass the basketball to your partner so that he gets a shot. And, repeat. Practise this drill from different areas of the basketball court.

Layup-Follow-Up-Pass Drill.

The main purpose of this drill is to improve your ability to make layups from both the right-and-left side of the basketball hoop. You can perform this drill either with a partner or by yourself. If you choose to use a partner...

Start from the right side of the basketball hoop by the free-throw line. Dribble the basketball towards the basketball hoop, and make a right-handed layup shot. Grab your rebound, and pass the basketball to your partner who's standing on the right side of the basketball court.

Then, run to the left side of the basketball court and get ready to make a left-handed layup after receiving a pass from your partner on the left side of the basketball court. Repeat several times.

Dribble-Stop-Jump Shot-Drill.

The purpose of this drill is to improve your ability to shoot a jump shot from the dribble. You can perform this drill by yourself.

Dribble the basketball. Stop suddenly. Then, make a jump shot from a comfortable area of the court. And, repeat. Practise this drill from differently areas of the basketball court.

100-Made-Free Throws.

Free throws can make a BIG difference in a close basketball game. Therefore, practise, practise, and practise some more until your perfect your technique and it become automatic.

With this drill, practise making at least 100 free throws per day--missed shots don't count. Shoot. Grab your reboud. Sprint back to the basketball foul line. Shoot again, and again...Focus on improving your foul shooting technique.
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