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A good way to improve your basketball passing skills is simply go out on the basketball court with a friend and practise passing the basketball to each other.

If you can't find someone to practise with you, you can practise by passing the basketball against a wall. Below are some other basketball-passing-drills...

Basketball Tip-Tap

The purpose of this basketball drill is to help you develop softer hands, increase your concentration on the basketball, and improve your reflexes.

Using a partner or a wall, you simply tip the basketball back-and-forth as quickly as possible using only your fingertips.

Basketball Pass-and-Run

This basketball drill will help you prepare for a two-on-one situation during a basketball game.

With a partner you both run the full length of the basketball court as you pass the basketball back-and-forth to each other. Repeat in the other direction.

There's no dribbling allowed, and you can only take one step before you must pass the basketball back to your partner. This way, you're not called either a travelling or walking violation.

Basketball Passing with a medicine ball

The purpose of this basketball drill is to help you develop arm/passing strength. Instead of using a regular basketball, you will be using a medicine ball.

Pass the medicine ball back-and-forth to your partner who's standing about 5 to 10 feet away.

Since a medicine ball does not bounce, you can only practise the basketball chest pass, and the basketball two-handed overhead pass with this basketball drill.

Basketball Speeding Passing

The purpose of this basketball drill is to help you improve your passing instinct. With your partner standing about 10 to 12 feet away from you, pass the basketball back-and-forth to each other as rapidly as possible. Vary up the passes from time-to-time.

The different basketball passes could either be a chest pass, a bounce pass, or an overhead pass.

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