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Guide To Purchasing Basketball Equipment and Basketball Training Aids

One of the reasons why I prefer playing basketball over some other sports is that, you don't need much in terms of basketball equipment or basketball training aids to get a game going.Unlike a sport like hockey or golf whereby you need to purchase expensive equipment like skates or golf clubs in order to play golf, getting involved in a game of basketball requires relatively cheap basketball equipment or basketball training aids--the use of the word "cheap" here doesn't imply low quality.

You don't need special, private basketball lessons(although it would be helpful if you have plans of ultimately playing professionally), and you don't need to move to a certain part of the country in order to find a playground best for playing basketball. You can play basketball anytime, practically anywhere, and under almost all weather conditions.

Although basketball is very accessible, it's important to make sure that you're properly dressed and equipped (in terms of attire and equipment or basketball training aids) to play the game correctly and safely without taking away the fun.

Below is a list of basketball equipment and or basketball training aids you typically need to play the game of basketball, and what you should know before you go out to buy them:

Basketball Shorts & Basketball Jerseys

When you're playing basketball, make sure that you're wearing the right size basketball shortsbasketball-equipmentso that it doesn't fall from your waist. The weather would determine the type of material that your shorts should be made out of. This is also true of basketball jerseys. Your basketball shorts should not come down far below your knees, because this could prevent you from moving freely on the basketball court.

Similarly, your basketball jerseys should be sleeveless, prefarably.basketball-equipmentThe materials of either your basketball shorts or basketball jerseys should be breatheable; in other words, when you sweat, it pulls moisture away from your skin to the fabric surface.

Knee-and-Elbow Pads

Again, you can never get enough protection from unforseen injuries, especially when playing sports. The purpose of an elbow pad or a knee pad is to primarily prevent elbow or knee injuries. If you were to fall down during a game of basketball, the pads (since they have cushoning) would absorb most of the impact so that your elbow and knees don't make direct contact with the surface of the basketball court. If you're playing basketball outside on a concrete surface without wearing either an elbow pad or a knee pad and you fall; such a fall, at minimum, would most likely result in some avoidable bruises--if not a broken joint.


A game of basketball won't be the same without a basketball. basketball-equipment The type of basketball you should buy would primarily depend on how ofen you will be playing the game of basketball, and where you will be playing it most often--inside or outside. There are three main types of basketball: Leather, Synthetic, and Rubber. If you will be playing alot of indoor basketball, then your best bet is to buy a leather basketball. If you will be playing alot of outdoor basketball, then a synthetic basketball would be your best choice. A leather basketball would wear out faster, if used often outside on a concrete surface. A rubber basketball is mainly for beginners, and for children.

The size of the basketball you purchase would primarily be determined by your age and gender. The men's basketball is usually bigger than the woman's basketball because men typically have bigger hands. And, children usually player with much smaller sized basketballs.

Head-and-Wrist Bands

An head band or a wrist band is one of those basketball equipment basketball-equipmentthat will help you better enjoy your basketball playing experience. When you're playing an intense game of basketball, there's no doubt you will be sweating a great deal. Wearing a head band would minimize the amount of sweat dripping from your head (especially if you have long hair) into your eyes, which could be a problem if you're trying to shoot the basketball, for example. Wearing a wrist band is also helpful, because you could use it to wipe the sweat off your forehead and your facial area instead of trying to use your shirt.

Basketball Mouth Guard

A mouth guard serves one purpose: To protect your teeth. Even though basketball is relatively a non-contact sport, there's always that possiblity (as remote as it may be) of being inadvertantly hit on your mouth. basketball-equipmentThis could happen when you're going up for a rebound or diving to get a loose basketball. Some players choose not to wear mouth guards, because it feels unnatural in the mouth; but, the benefits of wearing a mouth guard far outweighs any potential discomfort. Develope the habit of wearing a mouth guard before playing a basketball game. It's better to be safe than sorry.

Basketball shoes

If you play basketball often and you would like to prevent serious injuries especially to your ankles, it's highly recommended that you play in the right kind of basketball shoes. I've been playing basketball for many years, and I have seen it all when it comes to basketball players playing a game of pick-up basketball in all sorts of shoes such as, flip flops, dress shoes, running shoes and so on.

Playing basketball in the wrong kind of shoes is a very high-risk behavior. When buying a pair of basketball shoes, your first concern should be protecting your ankle. basketball-equipmentTherefore, you should buy a pair of basketball shoes with ankle support(called high tops) so that your ankle is always supported and protected; that has traction so that you don't slip on the basketball court (whether you're playing inside or outside)especially when you make sudden lateral movements; it has enough cushoning for comfort and shock absorbers to absorb all the shock from you jumping up-and-down the basketball court so that the pressure is taken off your knees.

For greater ankle support and protection, you might want to consider purchasing a separate ankle support or brace that you would wear on your angles before you put on your basketball shoes. Doing this would significantly reduce your chances of you twisting or breaking your ankle(s) by mistake. You might feel like this added layer of protection might be unnecessary, but you can never have too much protection--it's better to be safe than sorry. Also, remember, you could be out for at least four-to-six weeks if you were to injure you ankle. Actually, it's not a bad idea to always wear ankle support on a daily basis regardless of the type of shoes that you're wearing because you never know when you could trip and fall as you're walking down a flight of stairs.

Make sure you buy the correct shoe size, which means that your feet should feel comfortable and snug inside your basketball shoes. Basketball shoes that are too tight would prevent proper circulation in your feet, which is not a good thing. You should own at least two pairs of basketball shoes; it's not recommended to wear a pair of basketball shoes two or more consecutive days. NBA players are known to wear a new pair of basketball shoes every game. And, you should replace your basketball shoes every six months.

Basketball Socks

You should always wear socks on your feet before you put on your basketball shoes. basketball-equipmentWearing basketball socks prevent your feet from slipping-and-sliding inside your basketball shoes. Your basketball socks should be thick enough to absorb all the sweat from your feet. This is important because you want to prevent foot/shoe odor, and you certainly don't want to be infected with athlete's foot or some kind of foot fungi. You should consider buying foot powder or foot spray to guard against foot infections.

Basketball Hoop (Systems)

A list of basketball equipment would not be complete without adding a basketball hoop. Fortunately, because basketball is such a loved sport in the US, there are plenty of basketball playrounds located in hundres, if not thousands, of local parks across the country with existing basketball hoops. Therefore, you don't really need to spend the money to buy a new one for yourself. However, I do understand the convenience that comes with buying a basketball hoop for your home.

Generally speaking, a complete basketall hoop or system include a backboard, a circular basketball rim, and a basketball net. There are different kinds of basketball hoops with different kinds of backboards. Your budget will primarily determine which kind you purchase. There are in-ground pole systems, portable systems, and combination basketball systems.basketball-equipment

In-ground basketball systems are positioned and cemented in a hole dug in the ground and are permanent. In-ground basketball systems are more stable than portable systems, but require more work to install. You can choose to dig and insert a ground sleeve into a hole in the ground and insert the pole for some portability. The in-ground system will require a minimum of six 90-pound bags of cement to secure in the ground.

Portable basketball systems are stand-alone units that combine the base, pole with adjustable bracket, backboard, and rim into one system. They are usually easily adjustable in height and have wheels for moving around. These type of basketball systems are popular because they are portable and do not require extensive installation such as hole digging or securing to an existing structure or pole. Typically, you will have to fill the base with water or sand to provide the necessary weight for stability. Portable backboard systems are not as sturdy as permanent in-ground systems.

Combination basketball systems can be mounted on the side of the house or garage. A combination basketball system generally include the backboard, rim, net, and mounting kit. These systems are very permanent. They cannot be moved once installed and are challenging to install, however they offer excellent stability. An extension mounting kit is usually needed when attaching to a wall so the basket is far enough away to allow safe play.

Different backboards are made with different type of materials such as, transparent plastic (Plexiglas ), acrylic, graphite or a resin material and so on...

Fiberglass and graphite backboards are very similar to real indoor backboards, but they are prone to breaking. Acrylic backboards are not as rigid as other materials, and most them come with a steel frame for support.

Backboards come in different sizes and shapes. Backboard sizes range from 40 inches to 54 inches, with some as large as 72 inches; the larger size backboards are better for beginners.

Backboard shapes are usually rectangular or fan shaped. A rectangular backborad gives more room to shoot at and generally cost a bit more. Whereas, a fan shaped backboard look more streamlined but give less room for bank shots.

The least expensive approach to owning a basketball hoop is probably to simply buy just the backboard with the hoop and then mount it above your garage door without using a basketball pole, which is the combination basketball system.

You should buy a basketball net that's made with an all-weather nylon mesh cord.

Where to buy all your basketball supplies or basketball training aids.

When it's time for you to purchase your basketball-playing supplies including other miscellaneous items (such as, basketball cards), the good news is that you have alot of options in terms of where to find basketball gear including Online stores. However, make sure that you buy all your items from a reputable, well known merchant so that you won't be a victim of a scam. Click here if you're interested in basketball cards for trade.

You might want to consider purchasing your basketball supplies or basketball training aids from a merchant that has both an online and a physical store presence so that you can always drop-by the store location any time to see the manager of that particular business if you ever had any complaints about the products you bought or if you ever wanted to return a merchandise. Plus, you will have that choice of being able to buy whatever you want whenever you want it if there's a store location without you having to wait for the item to be shipped (after you pay for shipping)and delivered to you; this is otherwise known as instant gratification.

If you prefer making your purchases online, some online merchants now offer overnight shipping (sometimes for free). Beware of buying your basketball supplies from a merchant (either online or offline) that has a no-refund policy, does not have a customer support hotline, and does not have a great selection of basketball products; these could be "shady" operations. Keep in mind that prices of products are generally higher at stores that specializes in providing only certain types of products; for example, a business that sells only basketball supplies might cost more compared to another business that sells basketball, baseball, football, and soccer supplies. If you're a collector, there are online sites that specializes in Sports Merchandise and Collectibles for Fans of any sport.

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