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The Cone/Knife Drill

The purpose of this drill is to improve your dribbling skills, dribbling speed, and ability to change direction suddenly while dribbling the basketball and maintaining proper dribbling technique. Watch Steve Nash, an NBA star, as he demonstrates this drill in the following video.

Setting up the cone drill...

Set up at least six or more cones in a vertical line on the basketball court with each cone about 4 to 6 feet apart. Simply dribble the basketball weaving in-and-out of the cones.

When you reach the end of the cones, repeat in the opposite direction starting with the opposite hand.


The purpose of this drill is for you to learn how to finish in a break-away or fast break situation.

You start at one end of the basketball court. Dribble the ball to the other end of the basketball courts towards the opposite basketball hoop and make a shot. The shot could either be a jump shot, layup, or a dunk.

Grab your rebound after the basketball shot, and dribble back to the other end of the basketball court and make another shot. Repeat. This drill would also improve your basketball endurance; running up-and-down the basketball court without getting tired easily.

One-on-One-Keep Away

The purpose of this drill is to help you learn how to use your body to protect the ball while dribbling. You perform this drill with a partner.

Try to dribble to the basketball hoop while your partner applies some defensive pressure. As you dribble, place your body between the basketball and your partner.

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