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When performing these basketball conditioning drills, it's recommended that you do them on a non-concrete, non-tile surface in order to prevent unwanted injuries. Always be careful.

Ball Drop Basketball Conditioning Drill

This basketball conditioning drill will help you improve your defensive stamina and reaction time on defense. Watch video.

Expect your overall conditioning to improve dramatically, if you perform these basketball conditioning drills at least 2-3 times per week.

Vertical Jump Basketball Conditioning Drill

This video shows a vertical jump drill using a medicine ball that could help you improve your verticality.

Basketball Cone Conditioning Drills

To perform this drill, line up 8-12 cones 2-3 feet apart; the cones should be about 8-12 inches high. Below are some variations of drills you can do using the cones:

A)Run in-and-out of the cones forming a figure-eight as fast as you can starting on one end and finishing on the other. Try to keep your body low to the ground, knees bent,shoulders upright, and your head up. Repeat several times.

B)With your body facing forward, jump over each cone with both feet without stopping. Try to maintain control of your body at all times, and do your best to keep your spine erect. Repeat several times.

C)Bend your right leg as you jump over the cones with your left leg. Repeat with the other leg.

D)Alternate jumping over the cones using a single leg while your other leg is bent and jumping over them using both feet without stopping.

E)For a greater challenge, you can perform the above drills while holding an object in both hands. You could use either basketball or a light dumbell, for example. Alternate between holding the object first at chest level, and then over your head with both your arms fully extended with a slight bent at your elbows.

F)Another "twist" could be you passing a basketball back-and-forth to a partner as you jump over the cones.

The last two drills (E & F) would definitely take your strength, coordination, agility, concentration, and balance to the next level. However, work your way up to this point; don't try to do this on the first day.

Jump Rope Conditioning Drill

All you need for this drill is a jump rope. Jump roping is a great way to improve your coordination and concentration while burning a tremendous amount of calories. It would also improve your cardiovascular endurance.

When you jump rope, make sure both feet come off the ground and your wrist is maintained at waist level. You should aim to do about 350 rope jumps in less than 3 minutes without stopping.

Sideline Sprints

Sprint back-and-forth from one sideline of the basketball court to the other sideline without stopping for at least one minute. Try to cross the basketball court as many times as possible during that one minute. Increase the duration gradually as your stamina improves.

Full-Court Sprints

Sprint back-and-from from one baseline of the basketball court to the other baseline without stopping for at least one minute. Unlike the sideline sprint, you're sprinting the entire length of the basketball court. Try to run the length of the basketball as many times as you can during that one minute. Increase the duration gradually as your stamina improves.

Defensive Slides

Get in a defensive stance. Slide up-and-down the basketball court without stopping or crossing your feet. Repeat several times.


Stand with your feet about shoulder with apart, and run in place as fast as you can without stopping for at least thirty seconds.

Make sure you keep your knees high, pump your arms like a sprinter, land on the tip of your toes as your feet touch the floor, square up your shoulders, and look straight ahead.

Increase the duration as your stamina improves.

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