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FREE Basketball E-Book Like all major sports played around the world, basketball is governed by certain rules and regulations designed to help the game maintain a reasonable level of order and fairness without taking away its excitement.

However, depending on where you live, the rules of the game of basketball might differ slightly. For example, the rules enforced by the National Basketball Association (NBA) in the United States of America (USA) is quite different from the basketball rules that European professional basketball players are subjected to in Europe.

Nonetheless, there are certain basketball basic rules that are almost guaranteed to be the same regardless of where you live.

Basketball Basic Rules:

A basketball team consists of five players, one of whom is the captain.

A basketball game involves two basketball teams trying to outscore each other.

Each goal made from the inside of the three-point arc is considered two points.

Each goal make from the free throw line is considered one point.

Each goal made from behind the three-point arc is considered three points.

A player can advance the basketball either passing the basketball to a temmate ahead of him or by dribbling the basketball forward by using one hand only (either with the left hand or right hand). If both hands were to touch the basketball at the same time, this would result in a "double dribble" violation.

Once a player stops or picks up his dribble, he's not allowed to dribble the basketball again. Doing so would result in a double-dribble violation.

A player cannot advance the ball without first dribbling it; otherwise, this would result in a travelling violation.

A player can only committ a limited number of fouls against an opponent. Click here to obtain more information about the rules of basketball.

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