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Basketball Shooting Tips.

FREE Basketball E-Book Wouldn't you agree that being able to shoot a basketball very well would give you an "edge" on the basketball court? Improving your basketball shooting goes beyond simply learning the mechanics of shooting the basketball. You have to have a certain mindset.

Watch the short video below to hear what Michael Jordan had to say about how you can improve your shooting skills. Make sure that you take some notes. After all, there's no better person to give you some basketball shooting tips than one of the greatest basketball player of all time. (Note: Press the actual play button not the one on the screen).

The object of the great game of basketball is quite simple: To win, you must put the ball through the hoop more often that your opponent.

This basic goal cannot be accomplished if you as a player has not learned and mastered the fundamentals of basketball including the basic techniques how to shoot a basketball the right way. Click here to download a FREE E-Book on the fundamentals of basketball.

At minimum, you should master these five basic type of basketball shots:


Jump shot

Set shot

Foul shot

Pivot shot

When to use each type of basketball shot…

Each type of the basketball shots is used in a different situation. Usually, the distance from the basket dictates which shot is to be used.

...the set shot, jump shot and the layup shot give the player a long, medium and short range weapon.

...the pivot shot is used at medium or close range when the shooter has his back to the basket and is being guarded.

...the foul shot—just as important as any of the others—-is,of course, only used when a player is awarded a free throw by the referee.

Moving without the basketball.

If you don't get a chance to shoot the basketball, your skill as a great basketball shooter will be useless. Being a great basketball shooter goes beyond being able to shoot the basketball very well...You've got to learn how to create scoring opportunities for yourself (and sometimes your teammates) by finding a way to get "open."

A great way you can create scoring opportunities for yourself is by "moving without the basketball." Instead of just standing still in a corner while your team is playing offense and waiting for your teammate to pass you the basketball so that you can shoot it, you move around and make it easier for your teammates to find you for a shot. Rip Hamilton, one of the best NBA offensive players, explains the art of moving without the basketball in the following video. Take some notes.

Points to remember when you're shooting a basketball:

1. Relax your muscles when shooting a basketball.

2. Fix eyes on the basketball hoop when shooting the ball.

3. The act of shooting a basketball should be rhythmical, not jerky or seemingly out of control.

4. Line up correctly when you're about to take a basketball shot.

5. Have confidence in your basketball shooting ability.

6. Follow through after you shoot a basketball by keeping the fingers of your shooting hand slightly cupped over the basketball rim instead of pointing to the basketball floor.

7. Practice regularly in order to improve your shooting percentage.

8. Don't bend your waist when shooting a basketball.

9. Try to gently “lay” the basketball into the basketball hoop using the backboard.

10. After you release the basketball from your fingers, you basketball shot should form an arc as it approaches the basketball hoop.

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